Benefits of a Community Leadership Program


A Community Leadership Program benefits so many!

Employer Benefits

  • Employees develop organizational effectiveness through increased personal and professional leadership skills
  • Leadership Durham alumni bring increased knowledge and skills to the workplace
  • Participants develop valuable professional networks across sectors and throughout the region that influence their work
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is developed as an employer that is committed to their staff and the community they work in
  • The potential to boost bottom line profits is increased as participants help shape the community economically as well as socially

Employee Benefits

  • Expanding transferable skills and knowledge vital to the growth of your company and its role in the community
  • Developing critical thinking skills applicable to personal and professional problem solving
  • Advancing organizational development techniques and strategies
  • Boosting communication skills through team development and dynamics

Community Benefits

  • Promotion and encouragement of outstanding community leadership
  • Expansion of the number of individuals who accept leadership roles in business, government, and voluntary sector
  • Organizations to meet future challenges in our communities
  • Development of networks of people with a sense of community trusteeship who can work together to build and sustain community
  • Retention of young leaders in Durham
  • Development of networks of people from different sectors of the community who can work collectively to address community issues and challenges
  • An opportunity for businesses to position themselves as caring, corporate citizens with a strong sense of social responsibility
  • Development of future board members for voluntary sector organizations
  • Encouraging a culture of passionate and engaged emerging leaders that are committed to the growth and well-being of the Durham region